IQAC Committee  
Personality Development Classes

IQAC Meeting 2018-19
A meeting of the IQAC for the academic year 2018-19 was held on 19/7/18 at 10.30 a.m. in the Principal’s office for the following agenda.
(1) To add one member as one member has retired.
(2) To add the retired faculty as a stakeholder from the society.
(3) To plan the activities for the academic year 2018-2019.
IQAC Director Prof. Bhairavi Desai read out the minutes of the previous meeting. It was noted with pleasure and pride that all the decisions taken in the previous meeting were implemented successfully.
As one member Prof. Renuka Parekh retired, one senior teacher Dr. Sonal Saraviya was included in the committee. Prof. Renuka Parekh was incorporated in the committee as a stakeholder from the society.
The booklet of Code of Conduct prepared by the IQAC was put before the committee and passed and accepted.

With a view to enhance the quality further, the following decisions were taken in the meeting:

(1) To focus more on skill development of students.
(2) To arrange a few visits to industries / local govt. bodies / NGOs etc. with a view to give them practical experience and exposure.
(3) To employ the students in spreading awareness about tree plantation in their own area and villages.
(4) To install solar panels on the terrace of the college for making the institute eco-friendly.
(5) To sign MOUs with Marryl Life, Industrial Association of Valsad and MAA Foundation.
(6) To prepare a list of Blood Donors and send it to the Blood Bank.
(7) To arrange minimum four motivational lectures in a year.
(8) To establish a Computer Club of techno savvy students.
In the end, IQAC Director thanked the members for their presence and their precious and useful suggestions.



New IQAC Committee
A meeting was held in the Principal’s office to decide upon new IQAC committee for the year 2017-18 on 7/7/2017 at 11.00 a.m.
By uninanimous consent, the following committee was formed for the academic year 2017-18.
IQAC Committee for the year 2017-18
(1) Dr. G. M. Butani Chairperson
(2) Mr. A. L. Patel Administrative Officer
(3) Mr. D. M. Barot Administrative Officer
(4) Prof. Renukaben Parekh Teacher
(5) Dr. G. N. Patel Teacher
(6) Dr. K. A. Vyas Teacher
(7) Mr. Jankbhai Desai Member of the Management
(8) Mr. Ranjeetsinh F. Desai Nominee from Local Society
(9) Mrs. Neelam Panchal Nominee from Alumni
(10) Mr. Dipak J. Patel Nominee from Student
(11) Mr. Prasad Gangaokar Industrialist
(12) Mr. Dipesh Shah Stakeholder
(13) Dr. Punitaben Desai Stakeholder
(14) Prof. Bhairavi Desai Director of the IQAC
1st IQAC Meeting
A meeting of IQAC was held on 1st August, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. in the Principal’s office to discuss the following agenda.
(1) Planning of activities during the year 2017-18.
(2) For inviting innovative suggestions from the members.
The following decisions were taken in the meeting:
(1) Green Audit of the college to be done. The committee considered the quotation submitted by Clean Enviro Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Valsad.
(2) A WhatsApp Group of IQAC was formed and it was decided to make the IQAC paperless.
(3) It was decided to implement one Unit Test and one G. K. Test
(4) The prepared Proposal for Value Added Courses of UGC was put before the committee.
(5) It was decided to organize one National Conference with financial help of NAAC in December, 2017.
(6) It was also decided to organize an International Conference in February, 2018.
(7) As the first instalment of CPE Grant is imminent, the committee also discussed future actions.
Two members gave the following suggestions:
(1) Dr. Punitaben Desai suggested to arrange a lecture to enable the students to go cashless
(2) Mr. Dipesh Shah suggested Aptitude Analysis of the first year students and also Open House for the involvement of the parents.
Both these suggestions were accepted unanimously
10 out of 14 IQAC members remained present in the meeting.
IQAC (Year 2015/16)
Chairperson: - Prin. Dr. G.M.Butani
Co-ordinator :- Dr.R.B.Desai
(i) No of teachers :- 02
     1. Dr. K.A.Vyas
     2. Prof. J.J.Patel
(iv) Management Representatives :- 02
       1. Dr. Sunilbhai Marjadi
       2. Mr. Janakbhai Desai
(vii) Employers/Industrialists :- 02
          1. Mr. Prasad Gangavkar
          2. Mr. Dipesh Shah
(ii) No of administrative members :- 02
      1. Mr. A.L.Patel
      2. Mr. D.M.Barot
(v) Alumni: - 02
       1. Mr. Ganesh Patel
       2. Miss. Mayuri Mistry
(viii) External Experts :- 02
           1. Dr. Vikashbhai Desai
           2. Dr. Ashokbhai Shah
(iii) No of students :- 02
       1. Mr. Anandsingh Raghav
       2. Miss. Rashmi Mishra
(vi) Other Stakeholders :- 02
        1. Mr. Ranjeetsinh F.Desai
        2. Dr. Punita M.Desai
Date: 26/6/2015
Place: Seminar hall
               Smt. J. P. Shroff Arts College, Valsad.
• To acquaint the members of IQAC with the recommendations of NAAC Peer Team
• To discuss future plans to enhance the quality of the institution.
1. Dr. G. M. Butani 6. Dr. Punita N. Desai 10 . Prof. Rameshbhai Mali
2. Shri A. L. Patel 7. Mr. Ranjeetsinh Desai 11 . Mr. Prasad Gangavkar
3. Mr. Dilip M. Barot 8. Dr. Krupa Vyas 12 . Prof. Jagruti Patel
4. Miss. Arya Nair 9. Dr. Rashmi Desai 13 . Mr. Dhaval Patel
5. Miss. Rashmi Mishra    
A meeting of IQAC was held on 26/6/2015 at 12.00 am to discuss the suggestions given by NAAC Peer Team. The following matters were discussed.
• Dr.R.B.Desai read out the recommendations of the NAAC Peer Team before the members of IQAC.
• As majority of our students belong to tribal area Prin.Dr.G.M.Butani suggested to establish Tribal Research Center.
• 80% of our students are girls, so Ms. Arya Nair recommended? providing employment and thereby making them independent.
• Indian Government these days has been emphasizing on the importance of sports and games for the development of healthy society, Therefore Mr. Ranjeetsinh Desai suggested to build an indoor sports stadium.
• Keeping in mind the importance of Research activities and programmes, Dr. Punitaben Desai asked for providing more opportunities and facilities to promote Research activities.
• Most of our students are SC, ST, OBC They cannot afford to go to any coaching classes. To help them out Mr.Gangavkar suggested to start UGC Coaching Center for ‘Entry in Service ’ and NET/SLET exams for SC/ST/OBC students.
Date: 4/9/2015
• Sent invitation letters to the members of IQAC to remain present on 11/9/2015 to meet AAA Peer Team.
Date : 3/5/16
Place: Staff room
               Smt. J. P. Shroff Arts College, Valsad.
1. To discuss the suggestions given by the NAAC Peer Team.
2. To discuss the measures for enhancing institution.
3. To present a report of the activities done during the year 2015-16.
4. To plan for the CPE grant.
5. To plan for the celebration of Diamond Jubilee of our institution.
1. Dr. G. M. Butani
2. Dr. R. B. Desai
3. Prof. J. J. Patel
4. Prof K. A.Vyas
5. Mr. A. L. Patel
6. Mr. D. M. Barot
7. Mr. Anandsingh Raghav
8. Miss Rashmi Mishra
9. Dr. Sunilbhai Marjadi
10. Mr. Janakbhai Desai
11. Mr. Ganesh Patel
12. Miss Mayuri Mistry
13. Mr. Ranjet Desai
14. Dr. Punita Desai
15. Mr. Prasad Gangavkar
16. Mr. Dipesh Shah
17. Dr. Vikashbhai Desai
18. Dr. Ashokbhai Shah
A meeting of the members of IQAC was held on 3/5/16 discuss the matters of the agenda above.
• Dr Krupa Vyas suggested to arrange a lecture on How to prepare Research proposal.
• All the documents/registers of various curricular and co-curricular activities of the college throughout the year and reports of U.G and P.G results are showed to the members of IQAC.
• As a part of the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, Dr. G. M. Butani suggested to prepare floats displaying the activities and achievements of Nutan Kelavani Mandal.
• Dr.R.B.Desai proposed to prepare an application for CPE grant.
• Discussing the plans above how to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, Mr. Gangavkar suggested to involving all the retired professors and the members of non teaching staff in this grand event.
• As most of the professors in our college are Ph.D holders, Dr. Punitaben suggested that they should publish books as well as articles and research papers in recognized/Peer Reviewed Journals.